What We Do


This frame is painted in a blue wash, and the edges of two mounts are hand-painted to reflect tones within the watercolour


devon framed map

A very large print that we float mounted and surrounded with a waxed wood frame



A Victorian watercolour framed in a mildly distressed black frame with a muted gold sight edge, and the mount has a hand-painted red bevel which picks out one of the colours in the picture


Driftwood framed antique oil painting

An oil painting framed in a distressed driftwood-style moulding


An oil painting framed in a stepped white frame

An oil painting framed in a stepped white frame that we finished with a cream wash, with a muted gold slip around the painting itself


Distressed framed oil painting

A distressed cream tray frame around an oil painting


Double sided frame museum glass

A double-sided frame that we made for a Renaissance drawing. Both sides are protected by museum glass (which is 'invisible' and filters a high proportion of damaging UV light rays)



A  waxed box frame surrounding a stone 'dog'. The artefact is embedded in velvet-covered foam board



A client's Victorian watercolour in its original gold mount, with a fluted gilt frame made to match



This textile was hand-sewn to conservation board and is surrounded by a mount with a wrapped gold bevel


Framed Calligraphy

Calligraphy drawn on vellum that was float mounted onto cobalt blue board, then surrounded with a double mount and a beaded gold frame


A watercolour that we float mounted and embellished with a hand-painted bevel and a distressed frame


1930s head dress

A 1930s wedding head-dress in a frame decorated with a floral motif that echoes the orange blossom


Framed screenprint

A screenprint in a white lacquer frame and vibrant yellow mount


framed artwork/calligraphy

The artwork is float mounted onto chocolate coloured board, then framed with a soft leather scooped frame



A vintage postcard surrounded by a deep hand-covered bevel and an embossed mount